No, the client is not always right! Nor is the boss of the agency.

Here is someone who chose to make a teenager’s problem-centric to a series and became a hit. Spiderman’s script was rejected. Stan Lee, writer of Spiderman went on to publish it in the last journal of the magazine publication that was running into losses. The last journal that went for distribution and never stopped again.

The series of Spiderman became an all-time bestseller.

There are times when you need to be explicit about what you are expecting from your customer. Tell them what you think they…

Client: “You must understand our business better. Customers of our business will not respond to what you have written. The engagement will be low.”

You (in your mind): Yeah right! Like you have experimented earlier. How do you know it doesn’t work, even without trying?

You (in reality): Sure. That’s great feedback. We will take another stab at it.

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Taking the right advice and managing client’s gyaan while freelancing

This can go on.

Many times you could be put into a fix. You don’t know what to take from your client and what to leave. How important is the feedback?

In most cases, the client knows the following for sure.

10 things your customer knows about their business

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Manager: You ve got a great idea. Why don’t you brief your idea to the designer?

Content writer: ((@#$hit! this is exactly what I didn’t want.)) Sure! Why not?

Unfortunately, writers have to put that extra effort to brief the designer. This is an unspoken clause by all clients, at all agencies.

Well…but you’ve got to do the honors. And, that’s why content writers should know some design. It might sound unfair but, this unfortunate feeling is the first step to your huge fortune.

Fortunate side of knowing some design.

Content writers are in the business of communication. …

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Meet a doctor and you will know how to avoid jargon.

No one wants to know how intellectual you are. Your writing should influence, convince, and sell the product.

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I can choose to write this sentence as… A writer’s new love is always new and least-used words.

We are stuck sounding important, non-approachable, and complex. This could work as a good marketing tactic in building a certain type of personal brand, but won’t work as a writing tactic. Especially, if your plan is to gain more followers.

Writing is the activity that is used to simplify a message. At the end of each message, the reader should either agree or disagree with your view. For marketers, the former is the most preferred output.

Chucking jargon is not easy for…

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How to approach writing an article?

When you purchase a gift you do it fo, someone. When you design a product, you do it for someone. Even when you write an article, you’ll have to write it for someone. Which means you need to gather ‘who are you writing for?’.

Determine why you are writing an article.

Let’s swap writing with gifting. ‘Why would you gift someone?’ It is to express how you feel about them and hence you’d be very careful in choosing your gift. …

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Typing speed. Was that your answer? Well, it is obvious. But that’s not it.

There is more to the iceberg.

First, let’s answer a different question. “How long does it take to write an article?”

If you are still skeptical and in self-doubt, here is a cue from Michael Porter, the management guru,

“You don’t have to be the best. You just have to be different.”

That brings us to find out ‘Who is a Thought Leader?’, and how to set oneself apart from the noise?

Now, do you believe in yourself?

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Just like the maidservant, Cinderella stood a chance to try the glass slipper and become a princess.

Why Do You Stand A Chance To Become A Thought Leader?

“Thought leadership is at the center of a strong executive-positioning plan. It focuses on an idea or problem that you are passionate about, and that you…

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They are techies. They love dabbling with new tools. If your tool won’t help them solve their problems, they don’t hesitate to abandon it. They hate marketing. Who are they? Developers.

Developers are a persona who do believe a flashy pink post does not add any intellectual value. They are hungry for source codes, APIs, open-source tools, seamless database integrations, and a community of geeks who are willing to be vulnerable with their code. If you are a #contentmarketer targeting developers or #contentstrategist packaging content for them, you need to re-design your mind.

The generic cheat sheet won’t work. I…

Nischala Agnihotri

I’m a Content Strategist researching story sciences. I’m a gardener and a busy parent when I’m not at work. More work at

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