Make writing simple. Chuck your favorite jargon. — Story Scientist

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I can choose to write this sentence as… A writer’s new love is always new and least-used words.

We are stuck sounding important, non-approachable, and complex. This could work as a good marketing tactic in building a certain type of personal brand, but won’t work as a writing tactic. Especially, if your plan is to gain more followers.

Writing is the activity that is used to simplify a message. At the end of each message, the reader should either agree or disagree with your view. For marketers, the former is the most preferred output.

Chucking jargon is not easy for writers.

What has been your story of jargon? Have you put in a tight spot? Or were you celebrated for use of complex words?

The unspoken will be banished soon. Don’t just discuss among yourselves. Follow ‘Off the Record’ a series that addresses topics that are only spoken in the break-out area for real, and not in a meeting. Published every Wednesday on Linkedin.

Originally published at on November 9, 2020.

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