Passion to ‘learn’ passed on from 4 generations of motherhood

One mother made 2 choices that taught me 3 lessons and changed 4 generations.

She waited outside the hospital ward with a hope that her relative will bail her out of the situation. That man stepped out of the room after meeting her husband who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

Made 2 choices

She came back home but instead did something radical. She took two critical decisions and told herself, “My children would never be motherless and no matter what, my daughters will receive a formal education and get a job for themselves. I will raise them to be strong and independent women.”*

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4 generations. My grandmother seated, with my aunt holding my daughter. My mother on the right and me in the center wearing the pink saree.

3 lessons that each generation taught me

I would leave the lesson that inspired me most to the end of this chapter.

Four generations and learning continues

I’m the third generation. I have led way to the fourth generation with my daughter Veda.

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I’m a Content Strategist researching story sciences. I’m a gardener and a busy parent when I’m not at work. More work at

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